Glass Chandelier in Treviso

Furnishing accessories are elements that can transform an environment and make it a truly special place and close to your taste. Among others, chandelier chandeliers can give you a touch of unparalleled elegance and refinement: for this reason, Welcome Mastri Vetrai offers you the ability to create your tailor made chandelier, following your directions in the letter. In addition to restoring antique chandeliers with faithful reproduction of missing or damaged components.

Much more than just a chandelier

The preciousness of Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai's workmanship impresses and makes the chandelier lamps even spectacular even when it is possible to capture every tiny twist of glass, the eccentricity of the shapes, the reflexes and the meticulousness with which the craftsman has created Every detail of these sumptuous chandeliers.

Glass and crystal creations

Welcome Treasures Masters in Treviso manufactures hand-crafted glass chandeliers, destined to the furnishings of high-end sites such as historic houses, institutional buildings, hotel and hotel halls, luxury boutiques, private homes and residences. Thanks to the mastery of the techniques, therefore, it will be possible to create chandeliers with crystal pendants and blown glass, suspension and cascade.

Variety of styles

Crafted chandeliers are offered with glass drops, crystal, certified blown glass. Each creation is completely customizable and designable from the design provided by the customer. There are suspended lamps of every shape, in which the ancient Venetian style and baroque bride the modern lines of design in an original way.
Chandeliers with absolute charm. For information +39 0422 430969
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