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Glass Decorations in Treviso

Welcome Mastri Vetrai is a renowned activity for the production of high quality glass creations and decorations. Delicate and at the same time durable creations, destined to find location in the most diverse contexts. From the laces that make safer jewelery and boutiques, to creations that embellish hotels and hotels, the work of artisans in Treviso travals national boundaries, to point to the utmost excellence, and renew all the strength of Made in Italy of world-wide quality .
Thanks to the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship of the activity, then it will be possible to perform various decorations such as glass fusion, Tubage, Tiffany, lead ligature, as well as engraving, bas-relief and sandblasting. At the same time, custom-made mirrors and restorations of every type are made. Art finds its home in Treviso, at Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai.
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