Incisione e sabbiatura

The sandblasting of glass in Treviso

With glass engraving you can create motifs and subjects without having to resort to the next color application. Such operations take place through practices such as sculpting and abrasion: the first can be made of diamond, the second by means of specific sandblasting processes. Once sculpted or sanded, it allows the creation of a variety of subjects and decorations, as well as the engraving of indelible and durable decorations.

A multifaceted technique

The sandblasting of glass is a decorative technique that allows creating different motifs and subjects. It is a practice that suits every type of glass, and allows you to create very special effects, giving three dimensionality and therefore depth. The artisans of Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai, in Treviso, prefer this technique when decorating mirrors and lamps, creating logos on stained glass, as well as engraving glass and door panels, windows and dividing panels.

Bas-reliefs on glass

The bas-relief technique of the glass approaches the work of the master glassmaker to that of the sculptor, allowing to obtain refined, unique works and the aesthetic effect assured. Welcome Glazed Masts, therefore, manufactures interior engraved glass for window and window glass. At the same time, handicrafts are made for luxury operators, hoteliers and national and international museum museums. In this way, you can count on valuable work in both civil and commercial environments.
Sandblasting and bas-reliefs on glass: for information,  +39 0422 430969
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