Vetrofusion on drawing in Treviso

The fascination of glass processing often arises not so much from the definition of shapes, the complexity of the scene or the dynamism of the figures. Sometimes it is necessary to have a fair game of colors and, above all, the presence of square and geometric shapes, able to point to the message the artist wanted and at the same time to give the interpretative freedom needed for the most observant observer. To achieve this, it is possible to use an ancient but never trivial workmanship, that is, the geometric lead ligature. It was thanks to this glass-fusion methodology, in fact, that late-medieval and Renaissance palaces could flourish with external glazing, with the typical "roller" windows of the round shape.

Lead ligatures, yesterday as today

The same procedure used in antiquity is now used by the artists of Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai in Treviso, who use the techniques necessary to create compositions of geometric charm. Stained-glass windows with a modern and abstract taste, combining square-pattern motifs with figures and landscapes that can be integrated with the decor of private homes, such as door panels, furniture and partition walls.
The ability to create modular lattices, as well as customizable textures, also gives you the opportunity to produce large stained glass, following exactly your directions and needs. Trust the artisan masters of the activity, to be sure you can count on creations from the ancient charm, perfectly integrated into contemporary.
Creations of ancient andcontemporary charm. Write to box@benvenuto.it
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