Glass furniture in Treviso

Man's relationship with glass finds a peculiar connotation when this material turns into a reflective panel, impartial judge of the defects and the merits of each of us. The mirror, in fact, is a common element in all homes, and is similarly located in numerous commercial, boutique and jewelery stores. A window on the world that reflects without making judgments, in which to see reality or, alternatively, a message closer to your will.

To admire and reflect reality

Decorating and customizable with the same techniques used for artistic stained glass windows, the mirror is therefore ideal for home and commercial environments thanks to the particular decorative effects of which it is protagonist. By virtue of these solutions, apparently simple workmanship, you can create perspective games and angles for results that can surprise you and entertain you.

The perfect furniture for your home

The versatility of the mirror has allowed this work to bring the glass in everyday furniture, either simple or decorated, from classic or modern style. Welcome Mastri Vetrai, in Treviso, manufactures custom mirrors, perfectly tailored to your needs and with different designs and characters. In this way, you will have the opportunity to give your decor an extra touch, and you will have a window on the world, capable of highlighting the virtues of your home and creating pleasant flash and light.
The mirror is a window that reflects the surrounding world.Find out more at +39 0422 430969
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