Studio for artists

Atelier for artists

Glass is a unique material: once it has taken on its form, it can be modelled in infinite ways, trying to express the message that the mind of the creator wants to pass on to the spectator.The more emotion, technique and expression come forth in the work, reaching a point of excellence, and the more it becomes an artwork, the decorations and craft engravings become completely indistinguishable from real art.It is here where the techniques, the working methods and the inspiration itself become instruments of a kind of expression that transcends language and cultural barriers, and is able to make an impression on everyone equally and yet personally.
For this reason, Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai is now a world-renowned brand and highly valued by those passionate about this line of work.

A space available to the art

The company puts materials, working spaces and tools at the disposal of other creative and ingenious artists who make the company from Treviso proud, enriching it with their imagination and the communication skills.This is how fantasy and meaningful inventions are born, because they are crafted wisely and made up of the finest materials, capable of actually transmitting the author's true message.

The review of works and authors

The collaborations born between Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai and some of the most prolific minds in the industry gave rise to an exhibition of unparalleled inventions that blend techniques and themes perfectly to leave a lasting impression on your soul.
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