Artistic stained glass windows in Treviso

Welcome Mastri Vetrai is able to create works based on different techniques and styles. From the artistic stained-glass windows to homes and churches, to security locks that ensure stability to jewelers and boutiques, the productions of the activity are numerous, and they require mastery of the most varied methodologies. Among other things, stands the so-called Tiffany technique, so called in honor of its creator, Louis Comfort Tiffany architect who at the end of the nineteenth century began with this new style.

The colors come to life

The Tiffany technique involves the combination of colored glasses by means of a tincture instead of the classic joining through lead profiles. This variation revolutionized the creation of artistic stained glass, making possible forms that were simply unworkable earlier. This same workmanship was, in fact, the absolute protagonist of numerous art seasons of Liberty and Art Nouveau, thanks to soft curves, floral and curvilinear figures that represented an exceptional novelty for the era, still used to net and square figures.

The past lives in soft and flexible lines

Welcome Mastri Vetrai proposes a review of the Tiffany technique, able to make the most of the light and ductile metals combined with slim and flexible ligaments. Thus, not only artistic stained glass of different sizes, but also objects and lamps, such as the well-known lampshades that in the past celebrated Louis Comfort Tiffany. The multifaceted glass is once again confirmed in a triumph of creativity, technique, and passion. And love for art.
The softness of the Tiffany technique is available at+39 0422 430969
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