T.I.N.A.S. = This Is Not A Showroom

Get rid of the showroom.
Go back to being excited

Even before its creation, we knew what T.I.N.A.S. would not be a traditional showroom.
The demarcated exhibition space, the crammed showcasing of the products, and the browsing of a catalogue is not our way of bringing glass to life.Glass is is something exciting.
It is something exciting for your home, your hotel guests, for the clients who are commissioning a breathtaking project.
And so the name was born almost by chance, while the definition of it remains elusive: while glass is not solid nor liquid, T.I.N.A.S. is a personal, abstract and real experience, a fleeting emotion.
Just like everything that is created in it, it can not be explained succinctly: but if you are not afraid of the darkness - and that is all we can reveal - we invite you to share with us what makes you tick.
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