Artwork in Treviso

Glass has for centuries been the fabric on which artists of every nation, faith and ability have tried to imitate their message. Such production of artistic works was based on the proliferation of techniques from the most varied dynamics, which over the years have succeeded in alternating fortunes. Some of them are still present, while others, less fortunate, have had to give way to modernity. The Tubage, until recently, was part of the set of forgotten techniques before it came back to the workshops of Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai.

From France to Treviso

Diffused in France during the early twentieth century, Tubage's technique lost its expressive charge during World War II: in fact, after the conflict, no artist was aware of the composition needed to achieve the typical result of style. After years of attempts and research, however, Master Vittorio Benvenuto rediscovered the original technique of Tubage, consisting of the application of a thin pile of pasta painted around the shapes, within which the enamel is normally applied. Finally, it is fixed at a high temperature at 650 ° C.

The use of Master Vittorio Benvenuto

Master Vittorio Benvenuto says in "The Search for Lost Technique" the efforts required to bring back the technique of Tubage, a technique that can deliver delightful results but which risks getting entangled in the pages of history.
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