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Artworks in glass in Treviso

Welcome Mastri Vetrai is known in Italy and abroad due to the creation of artistic stained glass and glass artworks that from Treviso start to conquer the boutiques, the hotels and the houses of the enthusiasts. The utmost expression of the passion and technique of artisan masters of activity, therefore, finds vent in glass processing. It is in this field that creativity, intuition, the ability of syntheses of present and past marry technical rigor, to give results of a certain impact. The productive use of Tiffany, Tubage, glass melting and sandblasting techniques will enable you to shape your designs.

Lead processing

The lead-processing technique still has a fascination and spectacle due to its geometric and expressive motifs. Stained-glass windows are used for the creation of classic exterior glazing, as well as for the finishing of furnishings such as:
  • Inserts in doors
  • Furniture panels
  • dividing walls
  • Large windows

A continuous material research work

A technique widely used is Tubage, very common in the early twentieth century in France, and then fall precipitously disused. Welcome Mastri Vetrai, thanks to a long research effort, has developed a technique for recovering the Tubage resulting in exceptional results that can bring back into practice an otherwise abandoned practice over time.
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