Glass processing in Treviso

The glass allows a large number of workmanships to give the material involved a shiny and lighter appearance, now more opaque and rough. So fragile, so versatile and capable of giving satisfaction, because it can be approached in the most disparate ways. It is possible to mention glass melting techniques among the glass processing techniques held by the craftsmen of Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai. It is an ancient practice and rich in tradition, already known in the past and able to provide excited and optimistic results yesterday and nowadays.

The past revives thanks to the glass

The glass melting is located in the field of glass processing thanks to technological thickness innovations. In fact, this particular technique involves the fusion of glass on glass, or the modeling of a single glass plate in furnaces suitable for this purpose, capable of reaching temperatures ranging between 700 ° C and 800 ° C. Thanks to this dynamic, undoubtedly simple in the concept, but complex in its realization, glass melting is able to guarantee numerous possibilities of artistic expression, declined according to different messages and styles.

An evolving technique

Its ability to intervene concretely on glass makes glassfusion a modern and contemporary technique, yet constantly evolving, capable of appearing well in the hands of artists who want to convey unmistakable and unmistakable messages but rather burdened with meaning and Expressive potential.
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